About us

Created by Year 8 school friends Ante Strika and Chris Toth with the intention to create nutritious, delicious food at an affordable price. 

Ante Strika is a Holisitic Health Coach and the founder of Primal MoveChris Toth is a Chef with an interest in healthy cooking.

Together we created Primal Move Food. Organic, chef-prepared, nutrient dense salads, meals and desserts. All made the most nutrient - dense, healthiest, freshest and flavoursome certified organic produce from local farmers.

Certified organic and biodynamic produce has been shown to have more nutrients and less toxins than commercial produce. Hence why we use it. On top of that there's no pesticides used so it doesn't kill bees, insects and other wildlife or water systems that are crucial to our planet's ecosystem. Even the packaging we use is focused on what is the healthiest and nature friendly way we distribute meals.

We really care about your health, the planets health and want to create a tribe of remarkable people. People who are walking billboards of health. People who walk the talk.

With all the challenges facing us as a society (environmental, social-economic etc) our world needs healthy people, because healthy people have healthy thoughts. Eating is the start of that conversation. 

Primal Move Food - Good Food. Good for People. Good for the Planet.