Pay it Foward - Feed the Homeless

Pay it Forward is about giving back.

People seek happiness in material objects and other people, when happiness comes from within. Nothing feels as good as giving does. It's like nature has wired us to feel AMAZING when we give. That's why we created (PIF) Pay it Forward - Feed the Homeless Project.


How does it work?

When shopping for your meals, select a meal for a homeless person and add it to your cart. When we receive your order we'll ensure that your meal is ready for you and that your allocated meal is given to a homeless person.


What you get?

The AWESOME feeling of doing something good in the world for someone you don't know. No agenda. Purely being the best version of yourself that we know you are. There's always someone less fortunate than us, no one wants to be homeless, eating out of garbage bins.


What they get?

A delicious organic meal, but more importantly the heart felt gift that in a world of materialism, fake 'likes', poverty and trying to fit in people aren't forgotten, people are what matter. 

 "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Ghandi

It's one of the reasons why we created Primal Move Food. We want to live in a world of compassion and giving, the way nature intended. It starts with people being healthy, health people, have healthy thoughts, healthy thinking leads to a healthy world.

Pay it Forward. Primal Move Food - Good food. Good for people. Good for the planet.

Choose between:

  • Asta Lasagne.. baby! It's Paleo Lasagne
  • Giraffe Salad
  • KFC - Paleo Chicken Schnitzels
  • Lion Salad
  • Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, decided to be a vegan
  • Netflix and Chill Soup
  • Nonnas Spag Bol, Paleo style
  • Rabbit Salad
  • Roolash
  • Simplicity is a sign of Mastery - Pesto chicken
  • Thai-ger Salad
  • The Spanish Conquest – Lemon & Herb Chicken


ps. We want to hear if you Pay it Forward, tag us on social media #primalmovefood

Good people deserve to be recognised and celebrated.